• Measuring Fear? #Coronavirus

    Disease Sentiment Analysis for Diseases and Pandemics COVID-19 is a global concern. It is affecting communities with over 2500 deaths while the number of cases continues to climb. Canada has issued travel advisory level 3 ( avoid non-essential travel to several countries including China. Thousands of health professionals continue to deal with the risk of infection. Some […]

  • Should Laws Regulate Online Discourse?

    Most Canadians woke up to news of the #RCMP #GRC launching a probe into hate speech by an Alt-Right group leader who is seeking national party status. The probe came after an Anti Hate group filed a report. The news article was shared hundreds of times. The RCMP probe is timely, because hate online is a virus […]

  • Canada’s Digital Charter

    Following the G7 meeting in Paris last week, the government of Canada announced its first-ever Digital Charter. Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, @NavdeepSBains unveiled the 10 principles meant to govern digital communications. During the G7 World leaders and heads of global technology companies have pledged at a Paris summit to tackle terrorist and extremist […]

  • AI – Q&A Series – Aviation – Mobility

    Here are my unfiltered answers to questions surrounding AI. Beyond the Jargon – what problems can AI solve for me? AI can solve problems where a judgement call is needed. In essence it is suited to contexts where there is an opinion or an attribute need be determined based on patterns. A prime example is sentiment […]

  • How do I permanently delete my facebook account?

    Whereas there is a facebook page that makes people believe that their account was deleted, information in actual fact is never deleted. Whats their excuse, someone else may have liked your picture or article. From facebook pages: If you don’t think you’ll use Facebook again, you can request to have your account permanently deleted. Please […]

  • The 4 steps you should take before engaging with Social Media Data

    Organizations are using big data to help consumers. The question is what steps organizations can take to avoid inadvertently harming consumers. In the event of legal action, an organization’s preparedness is a determining factor in how well the case will move forward. In court matters, the electronically stored information is generally subject to the same […]

  • Social Media’s Big Data Collection

    To highlight a few areas in which big data has helped to improve the organizational processes, the following are real examples worth mentioning. In education, some institutions have used big data to identify student candidates for advanced classes. In finance, big data has been used  to provide access to credit through non-traditional methods, for example, […]

  • Overcoming the Challenges of Privacy of Social Media in Canada

    In Canada data protection is regulated by both federal and provincial legislation. Organizations and other companies who capture and store personal information are subject to several laws in Canada. In the course of commercial activities, the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) became law in 2004. PIPEDA requires organizations to obtain consent […]

  • A Lesson to Know: The Unforgiving Culture of Social Media

    For better or for worse, for decades public figures ranging from celebrities to CEOs to politicians to athletes have been notoriously remembered for 10-or-15-second snippets of speech endlessly repeated as quotes in newspapers, snippets in television commercials or on news reports until they come to capsulize the person. For example, way back in 2o14, Elon […]

  • Social Media as Political Warfare

    The rise of social media has immeasurable power. Whereas in the past, people would get their recent news updates from television or the radio, now it is regular, lay people (often in 140 characters or less) spreading the news. While sharing opinion on social media outlets has the power to liberate and empower people, the […]

  • Social Media Boston University

    Building a Social Media Pipeline

    Companies who developed Success Criteria, established their Style, decided their Sources, Setup a business process, whilst they survey their results are winning big on social media. The most unknown part of building an enterprise social media service is how to build a social media pipeline. This presentation describes how to do that. [flipbook pdf=”Building a […]

  • Why Social Media Matters

    As the global uptake of social media continues to climb, a new outlet to target a wide range of demographics has emerged. While traditional forms of media such as print advertisements, billboards and networking have remained prominent in the past, use of social media as a form of marketing has exponentially increased as more users […]