Dr. Waël Hassan has several Books and manuscripts published on Amazon Kindle.

Privacy in Design

Privacy in Design: A Practical Guide to Corporate Compliance is an essential resource for privacy officers, executive leadership, and boards of directors.
It offers topical guidance for privacy compliance and examines the best practices used to gain a competitive advantage. From developing a privacy program to monitoring privacy maturity, this book presents expert advice and clearly delineates relevant legal obligations. It explores the privacy perspective on numerous current issues, such as social media, cloud computing, employment practices, and corporate communications.
The book is divided into four sections: the first is an overview of the Canadian legal privacy framework; the second explains the mechanics of data management; the third goes in-depth into achieving privacy compliance in different situations; and the final section explores the latest technological advancements in the world of privacy

Using Social Media Data to Transform Election Monitoring

Using Social Media Data to Transform Election Monitoring (Data Science Book 1)

Electoral Management Bodies are looking to social media
monitoring to battle election interference through disinformation
campaigns. KI Design’s proven AI social media monitoring
tools can detect disinformation and misinformation,
and mitigate operational issues.

Implementing De-Identification: A practical guide for project executives

Big Data extraction is more than a technology issue, and it cannot remain in the IT domain. It also cannot be the responsibility of any one member of the board —
it affects every level of a business and every part of the C-suite in different, often subtle and not easily recognized, ways. This report looks at how various parts of an organization need to come
together and share experiences
in order to automate data extraction and sharing practices.