Should Laws Regulate Online Discourse?

Most Canadians woke up to news of the #RCMP #GRC launching a probe into hate speech by an Alt-Right group leader who is seeking national party status. The probe came after an Anti Hate group filed a report.

The news article was shared hundreds of times.

The RCMP probe is timely, because hate online is a virus that is attacking democratic society

While hate online is not new, fake news and hate online have the potential of impacting democracy.

At this moment, a disinformation article is one of the most shared. The post claims that more than 100K foreigners are registered to vote. That article has been shared more than 4 thousand times.

Is disinformation online persistent?

The answer is, it does fluctuate, however there is always a considerable amount of dis-information. The graph above shows how the volume of content indicating that illegals or foreigners are voting in Canada.

The bad news, currently there is no legal mechanism, to address this kind of discourse.

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