Measuring Fear? #Coronavirus

Disease Sentiment Analysis for Diseases and Pandemics

COVID-19 is a global concern. It is affecting communities with over 2500 deaths while the number of cases continues to climb. Canada has issued travel advisory level 3 ( avoid non-essential travel to several countries including China.

Thousands of health professionals continue to deal with the risk of infection. Some countries are shutting down schools, factories, to an outright travel ban. This is causing anger, frustration, and more importantly, fear.

Whereas solving the clinical challenge is the top priority, the public safety challenge should be a concern in case of further exasperation of the situation.

We built an AI tool to help raise awareness of the amount of negativity resulting from the coronavirus.

World/Country Health organizations continue to publish guidance and statistics on the number of infections, cases, and deaths. Whereas statistics are very important, analyzing sentiment, goes beyond the surface.

Using Artificial Intelligence KI Design can separate sentiment into Surprise, Disgust, Joy, Anger, Neutral, Sadness, and Fear.

Fear and Anger are two strong sentiments that are often the determinant of public behavior.

Study Dimensions

Duration  : Jan 1st, 2019 - Mar 3rd, 2020 
# of posts: 553,216,088
Sources: Twitter 79% Forums 10% News 6% other 5%

Virus and infection volume of conversation

The first graph shows the overall data captured related to various communicable diseases.

Looking at the basic sentiment bar chart, by comparing negative and positive sentiment over time one can notice that there has been an increase in relative negativity. The relative amount of fear is also increasing as shown in this chart.


The tool can also present information about volume, which when combined with sentiment should give us an idea about the potential impact.

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