• Privacy in Design: A Practical Guide to Corporate Compliance

    A series of articles offering a sneak peek into my e-book, Privacy in Design: A Practical Guide to Corporate Compliance.

  • Laws for Big Data

    What would a law about big data say? After participating with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s consultation on consent, and reading about Ontario’s privacy commissioner reflection on the drivers for a legal change. I tell you that it wont be easy. I will be writing about this shortly for now, I will simply ask the question.

  • The Startup’s Guide to Privacy: Turning Privacy into a Competitive Advantage – MaRS Best Practices MaRS Discovery District, Toronto, ON

    This is an event announcement. Register Here On January 28, 2016, Canada, along with many countries, will celebrate Data Privacy Day. Recognized by privacy professionals, corporations, government officials, academics and students around the world, Data Privacy Day highlights the impact that technology is having on our privacy rights and underlines the importance of valuing and protecting personal…

  • The Best Encryption ceases to work upon the first authorized access

    Has encryption protect google and yahoo against NSA snooping, simply not. Was the NSA protected against data extract by an ‘authorized’ user who threatened the nations security? not really. Hence we say that best encryption ceases to work upon the first authorized access.

  • Governance Analysis Method – PhD Thesis Waël Hassan

    Governance Analysis is a logic-based, computer assisted framework for validating legal compliance of enterprise governance models. This framework is intended to help check whether governance systems are consistent with the law. My approach to Governance Analysis includes legal and enterprise models, a governance analysis method (GAM), a governance analysis language (GAL), and an implemented governance…