Privacy in Design: A Practical Guide to Corporate Compliance

I am pleased to announce that my e-book, Privacy in Design: A Practical Guide to Corporate Compliance, is now available on Amazon (Kindle Edition).

Based on my decades of experience consulting public, private and nonprofit sector clients on privacy compliance, I’ve compiled an essential resource for privacy officers, executive leadership, and boards of directors who know that privacy is important but aren’t sure what they need to do.

The book offers topical guidance for privacy compliance and examines the best practices used to gain a competitive advantage. From developing a privacy program to monitoring privacy maturity, this book presents expert advice and clearly delineates relevant legal obligations. It explores the privacy perspective on numerous current issues, such as social media, cloud computing, employment practices, and corporate communications.

The book is divided into four sections:

  1. Navigating the Legal Landscape of Privacy Protection
  2. Bringing Your Organization into Best-practices Privacy
  3. How to De-identify Personal Information
  4. Privacy and Big Data

By implementing the principles and practices outlined in this book, you can make privacy compliance benefit your organization and become a competitive advantage.

As a sneak peek into the advice contained in my book, I’m sharing a series of six articles summarizing key points:

  1. Getting Your Organization on Board with Privacy
  2. How Effective Is Your Privacy Program?
  3. Navigating Canada’s Privacy Landscape
  4. What Do I Need to Know About US and EU Privacy Legislation?
  5. Seizing the Opportunities of Big Data
  6. Big Privacy for Big Data