• Laws for Big Data

    What would a law about big data say? After participating with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s consultation on consent, and reading about Ontario’s privacy commissioner reflection on the drivers for a legal change. I tell you that it wont be easy. I will be writing about this shortly for now, I will simply ask the question.

  • Practical Guide to Privacy & Security for Retailers

    Retailers are facing risks as more and more of their operations is moving online. These risks are legal, reputational, operational, investment, and data breaches. In this report you will learn about: Boards, Executives, and Privacy Compliance Obligations What You as a Director Can Do FTC and Canadian Privacy Obligations The report will provide you with […]

  • An Enterprise Legal Reference Model

    We have developed an enterprise reference model used to conceptualize enterprise elements. The model suggests three planes: Subject and role-grouping plane: In this plane, the subjects are grouped into roles. Roles reflect subject access rights into the processes and activities of the middle plane. Process and activity plane: Here, processes are organized in a hierarchy […]