• Series: Bringing Privacy Regulation into an AI World

    Over the past decade, privacy has become an increasing concern for the public as data analytics have expanded exponentially in scope. Big data has become a part of our everyday lives in ways that most people are not fully aware of and don’t understand.

  • Moving from Access Control to Use Control

    Bringing Privacy Regulation into an AI World, Part 5 I would like to outline a new concept of use control: a way of designing AI systems so that personal data can be used only for specified purposes.

  • Is AI Compatible with Privacy Principles?

    Bringing Privacy Regulation into an AI World, Part 2 Many experts on privacy and artificial intelligence (AI) have questioned whether AI technologies such as machine learning, predictive analytics, and deep learning are compatible with basic privacy principles.

  • Police use of AI-based facial recognition – Privacy threats and opportunities !!

    This article describes the issue of Police use of AI-based facial recognition technology, discusses why it poses a problem, describes the methodology of assessment, and proposes a solution  The CBC reported on March 3[1]  that the federal privacy watchdog in Canada and three of its provincial counterparts will jointly investigate police use of facial-recognition technology…

  • Measuring Fear? #Coronavirus

    Disease Sentiment Analysis for Diseases and Pandemics COVID-19 is a global concern. It is affecting communities with over 2500 deaths while the number of cases continues to climb. Canada has issued travel advisory level 3 ( avoid non-essential travel to several countries including China. Thousands of health professionals continue to deal with the risk of infection. Some…

  • Showing How AI can combat Disinformation

    Using AI to Combat AI-Generated Disinformation

    AI can be impact election outcomes? how can this be combatted?

  • AI – Q&A Series – Aviation – Mobility

    Here are my unfiltered answers to questions surrounding AI. Beyond the Jargon – what problems can AI solve for me? AI can solve problems where a judgement call is needed. In essence it is suited to contexts where there is an opinion or an attribute need be determined based on patterns. A prime example is sentiment…

  • Smart Privacy Auditing – An Ontario Healthcare Case Study

    IPCS Smart Privacy Auditing Seminar On September 13, Dr. Waël Hassan, was a panelist at the Innovation Procurement Case Study Seminar on Smart Privacy Auditing, hosted by Mackenzie Innovation Institute (Mi2) and the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE). The seminar attracted leaders from the healthcare sector, the private information and technology industry, and privacy authorities.…

  • Artificial Intelligence and Privacy: What About?

    Inference How AI impacts privacy and security implementaiton? Big Data analytics is transforming all industries including healthcare-based research and innovation, offering tremendous potential to organizations able to leverage their data assets. However, as a new species of data – massive in volume, velocity, variability, and variety – Big Data also creates the challenge of compliance…