• Urban Data Responsibility – The Battle for TorontotechUrban Data Responsibility – The Battle for Toronto

    The initial excitement over Alphabet’s SmartCity may be dwindling out of the perception that the tech giant will use the new development in the Harbourfront to collect personal data. The special attention given by interest groups to a project that actually has engaged the public and shown good faith may be giving companies the wrong lesson: Don’t […]

  • What I Learned Managing Millennials

    A daily routine that includes continuously scrolling through Instagram, sipping kale smoothies, drinking Starbucks coffee, hitting the gym, and hanging out with friends, while still managing to fit in a full day of work is most-likely a Millennial. Millennial. The four-syllable word that makes thousands of Generation Xers roll their eyes and cringe at the […]

  • An Enterprise Legal Reference Model

    We have developed an enterprise reference model used to conceptualize enterprise elements. The model suggests three planes: Subject and role-grouping plane: In this plane, the subjects are grouped into roles. Roles reflect subject access rights into the processes and activities of the middle plane. Process and activity plane: Here, processes are organized in a hierarchy […]