• 5 Questions About Elections and Disinformation

    With a US election campaign ramping up, many people around the world are paying attention to the impact of misinformation and disinformation on democracy. Electoral management bodies, including election officials at all levels of government, are looking to social media monitoring to battle election interference through disinformation campaigns. Three types of attacks are commonly seen […]

  • Do ‘Contact Tracing Apps’​ need a Privacy Test?

    The Coronavirus continues to cause serious damage to humanity: loss of life, employment, and economic opportunity. In an effort to restart economic activity, governments at every level, local, regional, and national, have been working on a phased approach to re-opening. However, with re-opening comes a substantial risk of outbreaks. Epidemiological studies are showing that shutdowns have […]

  • “False Light” – Canada’s Newest Tort

    A tort recognized by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice last month expands privacy protections for Canadians by adopting a well-established US cause of action. Torts are an essential element of common law. A tort is a wrongful act or injury that leads to physical, emotional, or financial damage to a person, for which another […]