• Urban Data Responsibility – The Battle for TorontotechUrban Data Responsibility – The Battle for Toronto

    The initial excitement over Alphabet’s SmartCity may be dwindling out of the perception that the tech giant will use the new development in the Harbourfront to collect personal data. The special attention given by interest groups to a project that actually has engaged the public and shown good faith may be giving companies the wrong lesson: Don’t […]

  • Smart Privacy Auditing – An Ontario Healthcare Case Study

    IPCS Smart Privacy Auditing Seminar On September 13, Dr. Waël Hassan, was a panelist at the Innovation Procurement Case Study Seminar on Smart Privacy Auditing, hosted by Mackenzie Innovation Institute (Mi2) and the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE). The seminar attracted leaders from the healthcare sector, the private information and technology industry, and privacy authorities. […]

  • eDiscovery

    eDiscovery and Audits: The Solution to Unauthorized Access

    eDiscovery and Audits: The Solution to Unauthorized Access Electronic medical records (EMRs) contain sensitive personal information that is strongly protected in many jurisdictions. EMRs are protected under the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) in Ontario by limiting authorized access to professionals who are currently providing healthcare services to the patient or are otherwise given […]