• Seizing the Opportunities of Big Data​

    What Data Analytics Can Do for You Nearly everyone, from the world of business to academia and government, seems to be talking about Big Data. Endless pieces of information, from billions of sources, are being collected and evaluated, often in real time. It’s one of the most important features of our current technological climate. It […]

  • Future of Data

    Infographic representing key issues concerning future of data broken by country. Link to source https://waelhassan.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Future-Value-of-Data-World-Map-Infographic-2018-002.pdf

  • Bill C-23: Pre-Clearance of Persons and Property

    Quick Summary of Bill C-23 It is no secret that Canada and the United States have one of the most important trading relationships in the World. While the American presidential election has taken the spotlight in terms of politic news, ad of late, the Canadian federal government is proposing to rewrite Canada’s electoral laws. On June […]

  • Digital Hospital of the Future

    Dr. Hassan spoke at the digital conference of the future: The state of health care data protection Mobile health services and applications affected patient privacy Steps needed to protect your business’ data from cyber threats? About Digital Hospital of the Future, Canada 2016 Digital Hospital of the Future, Canada 2016 brings to the forefront future […]

  • Cyberwarfare & National Security

    It is the digital age, and there is a new type of warfare. Cyberwarfare refers to the utilization of modern technologies and software to mount politically-motivated attacks against information systems; in the past, it has successfully brought down websites, networks, services, financial systems, data warehouses, and more. It is increasingly used by nation states, terrorists, […]

  • Governance Analysis Method – PhD Thesis Waël Hassan

    Governance Analysis is a logic-based, computer assisted framework for validating legal compliance of enterprise governance models. This framework is intended to help check whether governance systems are consistent with the law. My approach to Governance Analysis includes legal and enterprise models, a governance analysis method (GAM), a governance analysis language (GAL), and an implemented governance […]

  • An Enterprise Legal Reference Model

    We have developed an enterprise reference model used to conceptualize enterprise elements. The model suggests three planes: Subject and role-grouping plane: In this plane, the subjects are grouped into roles. Roles reflect subject access rights into the processes and activities of the middle plane. Process and activity plane: Here, processes are organized in a hierarchy […]

  • How to withdraw and control my private health information in Ontario?

    Consent Management in Ontario Depending on the type of personal health information (PHI) involved, Ontarians can withdraw consent to the use and disclosure of their PHI by various health information networks. Calling Service Ontario allows you to: Block access to all personal health information used in Ontario labs Calling Service Ontario – Ministry of Health Info-line, you can […]