MSF Recruiting Telemedicine Liaison – Medical Team Manager

Doctors without borders is an organization I believe in, they have an opening for a  Medical Liaison – Medical team manager.

POSITION OBJECTIVE: The Medical Liaison – Medical Team Manager establishes a referent point for the work that requires the support, input and the direction of a doctor; who would hold significant and recognized medical and operational experience with MSF.

BACKGROUND: The MSF Canada Program Unit (PU) exists to support MSF social mission by empowering and serving the field needs. PU provides operational support to partners through Learning Services (consulting, production) and Telemedicine (expertise, implementation and adoption).

The nature of MSF interventions has translated into a demand to test and implement TM solutions to bring additional clinical support, education and mentoring to the MSF missions.

Under established governance, MSF Canada executes the implementation (piloting, testing, coordinating, administrating), development and maintenance of TM solutions (Real Time and Non-Real Time). The approach is to adapt the services to the specific needs, desires and skill-sets of MSF stakeholders. The Telemedicine Program also includes professionalizing the MSF Store and Forward (S&F) platform and solidifying MSF Canada’s position as a movement referent for Telemedicine.

Telemedicine Store and Forward services continues to develop, Store and Forward is about to reach 7000 patients with about 2500 cases posted in 2017. We continue to adapt our organizational structure to meet the growing needs of the MSF Telemedicine services.

Any questions or concerns regarding accommodation and accessibility can be addressed to or Kathy Mahinpou at 1-800-982-7903 ext. 3454