Digital Hospital of the Future

Dr. Hassan spoke at the digital conference of the future:

  • The state of health care data protection
  • Mobile health services and applications affected patient privacy
  • Steps needed to protect your business’ data from cyber threats?

About Digital Hospital of the Future, Canada 2016

Digital Hospital of the Future, Canada 2016 brings to the forefront future challenges in healthcare, discuss emerging trends and reveal best practices in the digital landscape that have the potential to revolutionize how hospitals function and their healthcare capabilities.

Hear from healthcare thought leaders on a wide variety of topics including leading technology solutions such as mobile health, digital health, health informatics systems and big data strategies, reinforcing cyber security, conquering eHealth silos and interoperability in healthcare. Besides gaining expert perspectives on significant healthcare trends and practices, network with fellow healthcare professionals to exchange insights and engage in meaningful debate on digital health issues.

It’s time for a digital revolution – take your organization’s healthcare capabilities to the next level and be equipped to overcome the healthcare challenges of the future at the Digital Hospital of the Future, Canada 2016. Learn from healthcare leaders on how technology has transformed care delivery and drive your organization in the digital direction.


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