About Waël Hassan

Dr. Waël Hassan is a contributor the the big data economy.  The founder of Privacy in Design a non profit organization that has the purpose of building material, content, and methodologies to promote privacy.  His  experience in the risk, privacy, and security led him to start KI Design Magazine.

We believe that societal transformation is predicated on strengthening human value


KI Design is a monthly online periodical that deals with business transformation through big data and risk. Waël’s professional experience features roles as an executive at KI Design, privacy consultant, people manager, creative director, marketing specialist, project manager, researcher, architect, and developer. As a doctoral candidate, he wrote the first thesis in Canada on Legal Compliance to Privacy. He also designed PrivaDoc, the first cloud computing privacy mechanism, and most importantly invented the Process Based Access Control model for privacy. His research interests centre around Legal Compliance (privacy, security, risk, and financial). Waël leverages creative, business, social, technical, and legal knowledge to drive for change.  Waël has been promoting privacy for more than 15 years, and he is happy to have founded Privacy in Design a non profit organization that has the purpose of building material, content, and methodologies to promote privacy.

Some potentially irrelevant details:

Name: Waël Hassan, Email: wael@privacyindesign.org

Degrees:PhD., MSc., B.S.

Languages: Waël speaks three languages fluently, (English, French, Arabic), also knows some basic German.

He traveled to more than 20 countries, spent time in Germany, and often visits Kensington in the UK.

Favorite Colour: Green.

Favorite Book: The Agenda.

Favorite Movie: A Few Good Men

Favorite Show: Mad Men

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Quote: We all get what we want. In his spare time, Waël enjoys Reading, Writing, and practicing Yoga .

Waël reads world politics and has a deep interest in languages, culture, and social issues.

My Views on Management

From my perspective, management is all about adoption: foreseeing what to adopt, selecting the best technologies and ideas to meet needs, and finally guiding the implementation of their adoption.


We all get what we want, whether we know it or not!

There are many examples in life, but the concepts are very few.

Concepts are hard to figure at times. People think that technology is moving fast; it is not. We are simply seeing many more examples of the same ideas. The evolution of the human brain has been minimal throughout the course of history; while our technologies may look different, the ways in which we interact with the world are basically the same.